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MAGNETIC SOUTH Bloomington, IN - Apache Dropout, Thee Open Sex, Purple 7, Sitar Outreach Ministry, etc.
BAKERY OUTLET St. Augustine, FL - Landlord, Old Growth, Solid Pony, Erin Tobey, Tubers, Verde, etc.
NO IDEA Gainesville, FL - Good Luck, Defiance OH, Armalite, Fiya, TBIAPB, etc.
LET'S PRETEND Bloomington, IN - Cooked Books, Dead Beach, Nervosas, Dead Dog, Vacation,etc.
RORSCHACH Richmond, VA - Pink Razors, Brainworms, Antlers, Tubers, Snack Truck, etc.
RECESS San Pedro, CA - Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Bananas, etc.
ORANGE TWIN Athens, GA - Nana Grizol, Elf Power, Madeline, The Gerbils, etc.
PLAN-IT-X Bloomington, IN - Abe Froman, ET, The Door-Keys, Beyond Things, etc.
RUSSIAN RECORDING Bloomington, IN - Favorite recording studio, starring Mike Bridavsky and his army of cats.
BELLWETHER MANUFACTURING Bloomington, IN - Printwork, design, CD duplication and packaging.