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Landlord is Chris Mott, Matte Cathcart
& Will Staler
Bloomington, IN / 2007 - Present

CONTACT - etiquettesongs(at)hotmail.com

Chris and Matte from THE DOOR-KEYS join Will from DEFIANCE, OHIO to make up Bloomington, IN's garage-punk answer to Dinosaur Jr. With haunting melody and beautiful harmony, this three-piece play 1990's alternative rock with vibes of Meat Puppets or Teenage Fanclub. While Bloomington residents might catch The Coug chowing down at Chipotle, Landlord rings in a true era of midwest small-town romance with flawless songwriting, wide dynamic range, perfect pop-sense, and punk energy. Music lovers with a vast appreciation for all types of rock and roll will find much to rally behind here as the band channels the laid-back groove of Neil Young, the minor/major key shifting of The Zombies, J Mascis-esque guitar shredding, and builds on the blissful pop-punk cornerstone laid by their own The Door-Keys. "Lifers" was recorded to tape in one sleep-deprived session at Chattanooga, TN's Revolution Sound by Mike Pack (Future Virgins). Then, these workhorses handmade the album collage artwork, insert, and limited edition screened posters.


BENEATH THE WHEEL LP/TAPE, Recess Records, People's Republic of Rock 'n' Roll, 2011
LIFERS LP/CD/TAPE, Houseplant Records, Bakery Outlet, People's Republic of Rock 'n' Roll, 2009
Split with ADD/C 7", Plan-It-X South, 2009
S/T 7", Dead Broke Records, 2009
SCUMLORD TAPE (Split w/ Gourmet Scum), Magnetic South, 2009
NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE CD-R, This is Basement Pop, 2008


Landlord, LIFERS

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Released Winter 2009 (PLANT-02)
LP comes with high-quality MP3 download.
Recorded by Mike Pack at Revolution Sound, Chattanooga, TN. Album artwork by Chris Mott, Will Staler & Matte Cathcart.

1. Not Fair
2. Skate Jam
3. Dancin
4. Up + Up
5. Starry Eyes
6. Wedding Dress
7. Insomnia
8. Knock Knock
9. Riverman
10. Party Jam
11. Are Ya Lookin
12. Kick a Shovel
13. Lifers
14. Box uh Rocks

Landlord, LIFERS (2nd press)

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$10 USD + Postage


Released by Bakery Outlet

$5 USD + Postage


S/T 7"
Dead Broke Records

This 4 song Landlord 7" captures the band's patented basement pop sound, recorded live at the Magnetic South basement studio in their hometown of Bloomington, IN. Some nice reverb helps trip this out, and any rawness just reveals the strength of the songs themselves. Side A bears multiple repeats!

7" - $4 + postage