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Hot New Mexicans

Hot New Mexicans is Patrick Jennings,
Joe Dakin & Ian McCord
Athens, GA / 2003? - Present

CONTACT - patrickjenning(at)yahoo.com

"When I first put this on, I had it on the wrong speed. Angular? Disjointed? New wavey? HOT NEW MEXICANS? What the fuck!? It actually sounded quite good, though. That could be a new marketing shtick - two records in one. Has anyone already done that?! Purposefully...? On that thought, I hit 33 and all fell into its rather lovely place, quite prettily. Shit, this is already sounding completely awesome. I'm not even a full listen through at this point and I'm already becoming smitten. This release is typical of the Recess catalog, displaying the catchiness of swine flue along with hints to the spazz of the BANANAS, the soft garage fuzz of THEE MAKE OUT PARTY! and the cute melody of the GRUMPIES. At times I can hear nudges to the BUZZCOCKS and, more surprisingly, even Sgt. Pepper-era BEATLES in HOT NEW MEXICANS' well-considered and skillful layering of melody and rhythm. Then, at other times it's as balls-out and rocking as THIN LIZZY. Fuck, this is so good! All too often, punk can be mistaken for music that is sloppy, rushed and ill-thought out. 'First three chords we can half play - there, that's a song? Right?! 1-2-3-4!' This LP is anything but that, featuring that combination of heart and balls that will forever go down well with me. The record is actually rather... beautiful? Yeah, I said that! And you won't hear me gush like this very often, that I promise you." - MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL

"Iíll fully admit that I live in a music bunker. Iím not being a dick when I say I have no opinion about, say, today, Lady Gaga. Itís just that I donít care, like I donít care about fast food chains or I donít care about Fox News. That shitís ninety-nine percent designed to accelerate your death through constant radiation. Paradoxically, by being everywhere, these systems are designed to keep everyone isolated and alone. I hate the systems of control so much that I donít even know the current players. So, pardon me if Iím all pissy about the music company thatís attached to a multinational thatís currently trying to privatize the rain thatís falling down on Bolivia and donít know a current hit or artist. But by not being ďplugged inĒ to a 24/7 influx of distractions, I can sit in my roomómost often by myselfóand listen to records and read books. If I like the recordsóthis oneís fuckiní greatóchances are Iíll go see them if they come through town. Chances are Iíll be, ďOh, fuck, I know that dude. He was the bassist in the Carrie Nations.Ē Chances are, if we talk, Iíll learn a bit about Cleveland, Mississippi, write down where the best BBQ is in the area. The Hot New Mexicans play ragged, melodic, approachable DIY punk that reminds me of scuffed floors, long drives, cracked-open beers, proportionately incorrect tattoos of bands from the Ď90s, cracking-open-the-sky sunsets, secrets and stains rolled up in frayed carpets, hairy dogpiles, body odor, and the really beautiful parts to Tortilla Flats. Like when the house burns down and no one gets too mad because itís just a house and not the people inside of it." ĖTodd Taylor - RAZORCAKE Magazine


HOT NEW MEXICANS LP, Houseplant Records, Recess Records, 2010
"Well.. Um.. Er.. Uh.." 7", Fast Crowd Records, 2008
"Wah!" 7", Fast Crowd Records, 2007
IT'S CALLED LEANING BACK CD, Salinas Records, 2005


Hot New Mexicans LP

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Released Summer 2010 (PLANT-03/RECESS-145)
LP comes with high-quality MP3 download.
Recorded by Nesey Gallons and Hot New Mexicans in Patrick's room at the Hangar in Athens, GA. Album artwork by Laura O'Leary Myers.

1. Start With a Maybe
2. Dumpy Day
3. Here Always
4. Should I?
5. Don't Fear
6. I Was To Be
7. This Is To Be
8. Damned Distractions
9. Cringe
10. No Loyalty
11. Through Windows
12. I Made the Doubt
13. No Rest or End


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