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Full Sun


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Reviews for High Ceiling:
"Jeff Grant, formerly of PINK RAZORS and currently drumming in FAT SHADOW, has an ear for a catchy pop hook. He recorded all the instruments for this tape by himself in his basement in Indiana. I blasted it out of my boombox while sitting on Bernal Hill overlooking the city of San Francisco and fell in love with every song on here. The first comparison that came to my mind was the POTENTIAL JOHNS because of his clever use of the understated minor chord that really brings you in to the melancholy feeling of a great poppy song (my good friend Barker would refer to this as "the cinematic feel"). Looking past that comparison, there is also traces of PINK RAZORS, a little 60's garage rock and even a hint of the BEACH BOYS. When I first put this tape on I realized that it was great, but letting it sink in over time has helped me to realize that it is fucking amazing. My jam on here is "Spent All We Had" which is tastefully reverb-soaked and flawless. The dub song right after it provies a laid back reprieve before slamming into more masterful pop hooks with "Better." Speaking of "Better," you better hurry up and order this because he only made 100 copies of it. -MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL

"Jeff Grant’s solo project. Like the last Pink Razors LP, things are slowed down to accentuate songwriting chops. Results are like a ‘80s teen movie montage recorded at home. Think sunny, Future Virgins, power pop-inflected pop punk, Exploding Hearts vocals, and some Superchunk thrown in. Full Sun? How about Full length! Keep it coming, Jeff." -RAZORCAKE

Reviews for Bare Floor:
"This is the second tape from Jeff Grant's recording project, FULL SUN and it is no less powerful than the first one. It might even be better than the first, which is quite an accomplishment since that first one is unfuckwithable. There are nine songs of reverb-filled, understated pop genius on here and each song is better than the last. As I said in the review for his first tape, this man has a knack for writing a pop hook that will reel you in and make you listen to this tape over and over. If you're a fan of PINK RAZORS, POTENTIAL JOHNS, SCARED OF CHAKA, or PLOW UNITED, you'll probably want to pick this up, because it is definitely in the same camp. Added bonus: the dub songs on here remind me of listening to the first BAD BRAINS LP. As with the last tape, he only made 100, so be sure to get one soon." -MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL

"Nine-song mini-album from Jeff Grant’s indie punk solo project. Though these tunes aren’t as immediately catchy as the ones on High Ceiling, they come together better as an album. Bare Floor features two dub tracks and their sound effects bleed into the other songs, blanketing them in flange and echo. Full Sun is already really good, but I feel like their sound is still developing, and I’m interested to hear how it continues to blend and morph. Suggested for fans of Superchunk, Marked Men…and Lee “Scratch” Perry." –RAZORCAKE


FULL SUN "STAY AWAKE" 7", Let's Pretend Records, 2013

FULL SUN "BARE FLOOR" CASSETTE, Houseplant Records, 2012

FULL SUN "HIGH CEILING" CASSETTE, Houseplant Records, 2011


Released February 16, 2012 (PLANT-07)
Recorded at home by Jeff Grant.
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky.

1. New Spot
2. Anxious
3. Too Far Out
4. Next Day Low
5. Right By You
6. Jacky
7. Russian 101
8. Say The Same 9. Right By You Too


$5 PPD

Released Sept 20, 2011 (PLANT-06)
Recorded at home by Jeff Grant.
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky.

1. Persuaded
2. Where'd It Go?
3. Spent All We Had
4. Passing Cars Dub
5. Better
6. Hey Niño